"From joy springs all creation, by joy it is sustained,
towards joy it proceeds, and to joy it returns."
Mundaka Upanishad

Meg Byerlein

"Meg Byerlein invites each of her students into a depth of relationship with their own unique, living experience. Meg does this from a place of integrity with reverence and honor for the ancient lineage of yoga.The personalized sessions she offers, serve to mentor students as they move into a deeper experience of their own lives. The skillful means by which she holds up the mirror for each individual, allows a safe place for their own unique flame of humanity to illuminate the shared path. Meg’s skillful weaving of the psychological sciences and the Yoga of relationship work toward creating a tapestry of wholeness. As a student and also now a teacher of yoga, I remain most humbly grateful for her guidance in coming home to my own heart."

Jennifer B. White

    • Individual and small group holistic health consultations.
    • Personal mentoring.
    • Training and workshops for the general public.
    • Continuing education for the profession of teaching yoga.

Meg offers individualized holistic consultations and personal mentoring which focus on balanced, comprehensive health and well-being.

Her private and small group work creatively integrates personal exploration and growth with the sacred, living Teachings of yoga.

Meg’s professional background is diverse and includes more than 30 years in psychiatric and medical nursing and holistic health sciences including Ayurveda, western herbalism and nutrition. In addition, she concurrently pursues studies in yoga philosophy, depth psychology and energetics. She recently completed a year-long Advanced Coaching and Mentoring Intensive.

Meg has been teaching yoga in a variety of environments for more than 22 years. Receiving her Anusara® certification in 2008, she went on to complete numerous trainings in Anusara therapeutics.

As an E-RYT-500 Instructor, she continues to offer experiential, student-centered consultations and workshops for the general public and for yoga teachers.


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